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Bielema to retain Tim Horton at Arkansas, Thomas Hammock to Stay?

With the retention of Arkansas running backs coach, it looks as if the Badgers will keep their recruiting coordinator.

Their Position Coach is staying.
Their Position Coach is staying.

Reports from are that Arkansas is going to retain their Running Backs coach and recruiting coordinator Tim Horton. Solid move for Arkansas, he is an Arkansas man and will help maintain a local flavor to the program.

But what does that mean for you as a Badger fan? Thomas Hammock fills the exact same positions for Wisconsin.

Hammock was promoted to recruiting coordinator coming into this season, and over the past couple of years has been the credited as the one who brought in Vonte Jackson and D.J. Singleton, and will be credited for the signing of Corey Clement when signing day rolls around.

In fact, when the news broke that Bielema was leaving to go to Arkansas, Hammock was in New Jersey, making sure that the Badgers top commit was, you know, committed. It does go without saying that there is a reason that I put the question mark in the headline. Circumstances can obviously change.

But for now at least, a good recruiter looks as if he's going to stay a Badger.