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Chris Petersen in Madison to Interview Monday? Madison Radio Says Yes.

The dream hire's back in the news. And it may not be just "because open job."

Ethan Miller

So, remember when I reported Chris Petersen was going to Wisconsin? That was fun, right? We had an opportunity to dream big and hit the home run hire that would immediately make all the pain of losing Bret Bielema go away.

But like I said, this was an unlikely thing. I mean, if Florida couldn't do it. What makes us think Madison would be the place to do it? I mean, it's a great place to live and all, but if we're honest, Florida's a better job. And then Matt Hayes effectively put the news to bed.

We started focusing on Bob Diaco, and using our pointer fingers as a cross to ward off any attempts of Brad Childress coming back. But we all believed Chris Petersen was out. Gone. Done. On to the next one.

And then...

This is back in play. And apparently there's "mutual interest."

I still say don't hold your breath. I still call it an Avogadro's Constant's chance. But dang it if this doesn't make me want to believe.