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Brad Childress in the Mix?

The former Badger offensive coordinator wants to come home, and rumor has it? People in Madison are willing to listen.

Nightmare fuel?
Nightmare fuel?
Jamie Squire

Are you asleep yet? No? Well consider this my apology.

See, I was talking with Christopher Fee on GChat, and he pointed me to a post by Jason LaCanfora for a new name in the mix. And this is not something you want to hear. Not by a longshot.

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress is intrigued by the head coaching vacancy at Wisconsin and is a potential candidate for the position, according to sources.

This is the other version of "So it's come to this." And it's not without merit.

I mean, Brad Childress spent most of the 1990's on the Badgers' sideline. In fact, he called plays from 1994 to 1998. But like Matt Canada? He was someone who was not well regarded for his play-calling style. And in an ironic twist of fate? His time calling plays was the bridge between the Badgers' Rose Bowl appearances.

Hearing this is not going to make me rest easy. Not in the least.