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A Chat with One Bronco Nation Under God

Continuing the series of Q&A's, we discuss the "potential" of Chris Petersen leaving for Madison.

Another rumor. Really?
Another rumor. Really?
Ethan Miller

If there's anything a causal fan needs to learn about the coaching carousel? It's Chris Petersen because open coaching job. This horrible grammar couches a key point. As the slang term btb moves toward a sympathetic nod toward situations that we've all gone through? There's no school that has many been there bros as much as Boise State. And through every rumored exit of Chris Petersen, whom I have graciously broken down here. He has stayed.

Therefore every year, Chris Petersen because open coaching job becomes a thing. It is in this spirit, we present a Q&A with Drew Roberts from One Bronco Nation Under God. Because if Matt Hayes is right?

Boise State's going to be suffering this again in 2013.

B5Q: Seriously?!?

Can't be.

B5Q: Do you know what Chris Petersen's buyout is?

Not as high as you'd expect. Last I heard, $750,000

B5Q: What sort of ungodly salary would someone have to pay Chris Petersen for him to leave Boise?

Well, asking how much salary it would take to reel in a guy not driven by salary is like asking how hot of a woman it would it take to turn a gay gentleman straight.

B5Q: Is there any doubt in your mind that he'd be able to cut it in an AQ conference and improve a team like UW instantly?

None, whatsoever ... a team like Idaho maybe.

B5Q: On a scale of "this isn't happening" to "I'd bet you my first born child this isn't happening", how unlikely is this?

Not for all the cheese in Wisconsin.

We'd like to thank Mr. Roberts for taking a few moments to answer our questions, and hope that they stay strong in Boise through yet another season of "Team X is going to hire Chris Petersen for their open head coaching job."