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Badger Bits: Anything New, Guys?

Links from around the Web after a whirlwind 40-some hours since Biele-watch began.

Wesley Hitt

This is the part where I usually write some column-y bon mots about Wisconsin sports. I don't know if you guys can handle any more reacting to the thing that recently happened, so I'll just skip the usual jabber for now. Really, you should just go through and check out all the great content being produced by this site (, click the red part).

There has been a lot of great content elsewhere, too. I've taken the liberty of linking everything below. Enjoy!


You can check out Barry Alvarez' full interview with the Wall Street Journal right here.

Sources poo-poo the Chris Petersen idea.

Barry Alvarez has a fake Twitter account now, possibly @BeingBielema reincarnate.

Tale of the tape from EDSBS: Malzahn vs. Bielema

Is Bielema ready for the cutthroat recruiting in the SEC? Maybe, but more likely NOPE.

Linked to this in a post yesterday, but Matt Hinton reads the Big Ten its final rites. So, too, does Andy Staples. Ted Glover at OTE goes 'eh', and says a lot of nice things about the 2011 team in the process. Very thoughtful.

Ted Glover also made this.

Hillary Lee says good bye to our douche-bag coach.

BHGP, of course, came through with something amazing:


Team Speed Kills reels everything back in and reminds us that Bielema may actually be pretty good at his job.

But don't worry! That one lady is still bat-poop crazy.

Land-Grant Holy Land gauged Bielema's chances of success in the SEC.

While The Daily Gopher scoured the internet for the best jokes.

Wrapping up: Me the last 36 hours-ish. Barry's back, you guys!