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Badger Breakdown: Chris Petersen

It's time to dream a little dream. Part four of the coaching search has a name that seems to have crashed the gate.


I'll be honest. I was thinking that this would have been debunked by now, and we'd be looking in other directions. But it isn't. Both the Madison and Milwaukee papers are reporting that Chris Petersen's probably coming for an interview. This may be more of a thing that we've initially figured. But yeah. Chris Petersen, come on down.

Overview: Chris Petersen's a coach that has turned Boise State into a national power and the most hated team in the SEC. I mean, we're looking at a coach that's seven seasons in and isn't to 10 losses yet. He's winning over 90 percent of the games he's coached. And he's run the regular season on more than one occasion. I mean, there's a reason why "Chris Petersen-because-open-coaching-job" is a thing.

He's good. He's that damn good.

Why This Works: Go back nine years. If someone told you that Boise State was going to have two unbeaten seasons and three seasons where they finished 'and-1'? You would have found them crazy. And yet? He has done amazing with the talent he's received. I mean, look at how well Doug Martin's done in the NFL this year. He knows how to get to the best out of the talent he has.

Fun fact? Doug Martin was a two-star recruit out of high school. A two-star recruit who was the 18th-ranked running back in the state of California. And wasn't even offered by UNLV. Peterson has an absolute eye for talent.

And he would be able to get a better class of it in Madison. And if you can run the table in Boise? You most certainly can step up and run the table in Madison. He also seems to be smart enough to mold his offense to the personnel. He's put up consistently good numbers, and knows how to use multiple running backs. There would obviously be some worry about the spread, vis-a-vis the standard Badgers offense. But he would do like Tim Gunn and make it work.

Why It Doesn't: "Chris Petersen because open coaching job." Wisconsin isn't a horrible place to go, but he's an assistant loyalist. And did I mention Chris Petersen because open coaching job?

My Thoughts: Don't get your hopes up. There are enough trustworthy sources that this warrants mentioning. BUT CHRIS PETERSEN BECAUSE OPEN COACHING JOB.

Percentage Chance: Have you ever played cards and needed two perfect cards to hit in a row to win the hand? This is worse. 6.023 X 10-23%

Yeah. It's Avogadro Constant level unlikely.