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Chris Petersen in the Mix?

A new name surfaces in the Coaching Hunt. Like the time before and the time before that.


So it's come to this. The obligatory Chris Petersen mention.

The Boise State Head Coach has had his name tied to literally every job that's been open since the days of Zabransky. And he has stayed for each and every last one of them. But even if it's Alvarez doing his best due diligence? There's a plausible thread as to why the Badgers could wrest him away from Boise.

A masterful coaching job in the Mountain West conference has plateaued. He's hit his head on college football's glass ceiling and the team's becoming stagnant. A team that's won three consecutive Big Ten conference titles and has a team seemingly loaded for 2013 suddenly has an opening. His school has overplayed his hand and is now stuck in the wastelands of the Super Conference USA of the Big East. Bret Bielema threw shade onto the way we pay assistants so the coffers open up a little more. And mirable dictu, Chris Petersen stomps up and down the sidelines in Madison.

But probably not, right?