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Bret Bielema Had 1 Million-Dollar Buyout

How easy was it for Arkansas to pry Bret Bielema? Easier than you think...

Jonathan Daniel

One of the things that may have been lost in the deluge of news regarding Bret Bielema was a surprising aspect of his contract. Namely the buyout. I mean, in a world where Kirk Ferentz is locked into the Iowa job until he wants to leave, Bret Bielema only cost $ 1 million to buy out.

I understand that he hasn't won over most of the fan base, especially after he had to rally himself from the hot seat in 2008. But there was a mistake somewhere along the way. I mean, he was coming off of three consecutive 10-win seasons and back-to-back Rose Bowls. It's really kind of stunning that he would be so cheap to buy out.

I suppose it's possible that when Bielema said that he was feeling the heat for this season, there was some subtext. I mean, if he was that easy to wrest, he would have been that easy to fire if disaster struck.

And I suppose one of the interesting questions that will come out of Fayetteville would be how much will it take for the Razorbacks to get rid of him for a moral reason.