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Why Charlie Strong Isn't Realistic

In the initial speculation over who steps in to replace Bret Bielema, there's a reason why Charlie Strong isn't on that list.

Rich Schultz

I would love it if Charlie Strong was announced as the Badgers head coach. It would be a home run hire, and it would be a buzzworthy move for recruits and ESPN's narrative machine. But there's a problem.

It's a pipe dream.

Charlie Strong signed an extension with Louisville last season that will pay him 2.3 million dollars per season. And as we all know? Bret Bielema was making about two hundred thousand dollars more. And as we all know? If you're going to make a lateral move, there needs to be some other aspect that would entice you.

Are the Badgers willing to pay Charlie Strong more than what Bret's going to make in 2013? If the Badgers were willing to answer that question in the affirmative, none of this would be happening. Because while Louisville may not be a program that's on the Badgers level yet in football? They've had several moments of greatness in the past two decades, and seem willing to pay major college money to make certain Strong stays.

In short, this one may be a wild card dream, but I would put the chances of him walking through that door at a level low enough not to be discussed further.

That is, unless, you know.