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Badger Bits: Today is the Day Before the Rose Bowl

The anticipation...

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is a lull. This is the period between one major holiday and another major holiday, and you're not sure how much work you should be doing or whether it's polite to ask.

This is awkward, but only because you know it shouldn't be. You're a professional and you do your work well, sure, but there's a reason that deadline is after New Year's. The other guy is thinking the same thing you are, but to mention it would break the mystical bond that makes goofing off okay as long as no one says anything and stirs your guilty conscience.

This is boredom. This is nervous boredom. This is nervous boredom boiling over into frustration. You want to say more but you've said everything.

"We'll see, that's why they play the game."

That's how every conversation ends.

"Just gotta hope for the best."

Your own words are annoying.

"I think Barry is going to inspire the guys."

Yeah, sure. That could be, but men of science look at the numbers and say Stanford should win by a reasonable, Stanford-y amount like five points. But--welp!--you never know.

This is the day before the Rose Bowl. There is nothing left to do except wait for the thing to happen. Yes, it hurts.


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