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Badger Bits: Is There Still Some Creativity Left in the Tank?

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Does Wisconsin have any tricks left up their sleeve after pulling out all of the stops to defeat Nebraska in the Big Ten Championship Game?

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Wisconsin's offensive trickery in the Big Ten Championship Game has been well-documented, but equally as impressive was what the defense did to stymie Taylor Martinez and Co. Their "Indy" package--two down defensive ends split wide and a chaotic melange of linebackers and linemen in the middle--forced six sacks and two interceptions in a blowout win.

No one could accuse Wisconsin's defense of being vanilla, for one game at least. The Badgers appear ready to deploy the scheme again in the Rose Bowl. With a month to prepare, the Stanford Cardinal have likely spent at least some time thinking about how best to exploit the package, however. Stepfan Taylor could have a solid day if Wisconsin consistently puts just two players in a three-point stance on running downs.

We'll see what Wisconsin does as a counter to the inevitable counter. After the championship game, everything and anything should come as no surprise.

Five more days.


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