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Wells to be Named Utah State Head Coach

The Utah State assistant takes the promotion.


A press conference scheduled for 4 p.m local time looks to make official the reports that surfaced late last night. Utah State offensive coordinator Matt Wells is not going to follow Gary Andersen to Wisconsin, and will be named his replacement as the Aggies' head coach.

Wells was a key to Utah State's offensive rise in the past two seasons and deserves a lot of the credit for the development of quarterback Chuckie Keeton. Wells will lose five starters from next year's Aggie squad, but will return Keeton and four offensive linemen to next year's team. So there will at least be some continuity there.

As for the Badgers? It looks as if there be may be a return to Madison for Matt Canada in the works. The ever present "rumors" say the deal with North Carolina State is not as done as one would think. Considering his Big Ten Championship Game against a defense that seemed to solve him in September?

If there's no Canada like Matt Canada to call plays? We would most certainly understand.