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Badger Bits: Utah State Players' Tweets Speak Volumes about Gary Andersen

As the Utah State program is in a state of shock over losing their head coach, many Utah State players let their disappointment and anger show on Twitter.

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Wisconsin finally has its guy and I'm not going to pretend I know much about Gary Andersen, so I'll let his players do the talking. After receiving the news, many of players were upset and disappointed. Some of the players were instead more congratulatory. In all, it's apparent these players deeply respected and cared for their coach. We didn't see anyone reaching out to Bielema like this after he left. We didn't see players vocalizing their support and respect for Bielema over Twitter when he took the Arkansas job.

Anyway, here's a collection of what some Utah State players were saying last night (courtesy of Dave Heller):

Interesting stuff. We'll see if some of these players transfer to Wisconsin, so they can continue to play under Andersen.

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