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Badger Breakdown: Dave Clawson

In part 12, we break down the Bowling Green head coach and ask ourselves, does one really bad year preclude him from the job?


Dave Clawson. You and I both know I've been dancing around this one for a while. The Bowling Green coach. The Clawfense. Back when his name came into the news, I was so bold as to say that I'd rather have Brad Childress. Some reflection and some time have passed. So the question is, can I talk myself into the Clawfense?

Overview: Clawson got his start in the former Division 1-AA as the quarterbacks coach for the Albany Great Danes, he worked his way up into the coaching business with stops at Lehigh, Villanova, and Buffalo before becoming a head coach with Fordham. He took them to an FCS playoff berth before jumping up to Richmond in 2003. He then got Richmond to the FCS Final Four, before he took a year as a Division One Offensive Coordinator, and then became Bowling Green's head coach.

Why It Works: He has a philosophy of feed the ball to the best player and get it to them in space. Freddie Barnes was one of Bowling Green's best player in 2009, and under Clawson, he did end the year with an ungodly amount of receptions (155). He will have a massive array of weapons to shoot the ball to in Wisconsin, and he's not going to see the guy with the 58 yard touchdown catch and run and not let them languish for 3 quarters.

Also, he has to be credited with building the Falcons back up after Gregg Brandon's players pretty much left en maase after their bowl appearance. He turned them back into an 8-4 team in two years after a 2-10 2010. He's built three teams into contenders in his time. And that's definitely worth something.

Why it Doesn't: And now, a musical interlude...

Wisconsin would be the biggest opportunity he's had since his epic flop in Tennessee. And it's not as if he didn't have pieces to work with either. I mean, the name Arian Foster isn't a name football fans are going to forget. And when he was under the Clawfense?

He was in a rotation. And it's not like where he was in his junior year either. He had a strong junior season. But he averaged only 12.5 touches a game. It scares me to think he may mess around and have a four headed running back machine. You know how frustrated I got when Matt Canada disappeared Melvin Gordon. I will not shut up about it, and he's gone already.

And as for the Bowling Green improvement? You have to wonder if the real credit for the improvement doesn't belong to the Mike Elko led defense. You look at the total and scoring offense totals, and you see an average offense in 2011 become a bottom quarter offense in 2012. They finished 87th in total and 93rd in scoring. That defense on the other hand? Went from Top 80 to Top 10 in one season.

I'm just saying, maybe Mike Elko would want to come instead? He did it at Hofstra and now at Bowling Green. We've got openings galore.

And I'm digressing.

My Opinion: I vote no. If I could find that Steve Carrell gif of him screaming no a lot? That would be in line with my opinion.

Percentage Chance: 15%. And it's a 15% chance I will crash my car in the blizzard because I'm trying to stop this thing from happening.