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Badger Bits: Faulkner Gone to N.C. State

Tight ends coach Eddie Faulkner is the latest assistant to leave the Wisconsin program.

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And then there were three. Tight ends coach Eddie Faulkner will leave the Badgers to join N.C. State as the tight ends, fullbacks and special teams coach. The Wisconsin football program has lost six assistant coaches for the second consecutive season, but this time, it includes all offensive and defensive coordinators, along with the head coach. The only remaining assistant coaches are defensive backs coach Ben Strickland, offensive line coach Bart Miller and running backs coach Thomas Hammock.

At this point, we've already come to the realization the Badgers new head coach will essentially be picking his assistants from scratch. It would be great if Wisconsin could retain its last three assistants, but with the way things have unfolded recently, I wouldn't be surprised if they all left UW.

I know this has been said before, but it should be said again: losing Bielema was a bad thing for this program. The timing of the move really hurt, as it's been a buzzkill after the incredible momentum the Badgers had leaving the Big Ten championship game. And it completely disrupts some continuity the Badgers were attempting to retain. At least when Wisconsin lost other assistant coaches in the past, Bielema remained the constant at the top. Now, Wisconsin needs to build off the success Barry Alvarez and Bielema built, but it's going to be an uphill challenge with a new coaching staff. Remember how long it took for the coaching staff to adjust to each other this season? And that was with a returning defensive coordinator and head coach. Just imagine the growing pains that lie ahead for the Badgers now.

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