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Report: Mel Tucker Interviewed at Wisconsin Friday

A name we all like is back in the news...

Scott Cunningham

UPDATE (Sun. 12/16 4:08): The Big Ten Network's Tom Dienhart is reporting via Twitter that Mel Tucker interviewed for the open position at Wisconsin on Friday.


Sportswise, it's been a tough weekend to be a Badger fan. Three assistants have found other jobs, we're going after people on word choices, hockey ended Friday night, and there's no basketball game this weekend where we can beat up on a Samford and at least hold that up as something good.

But that being said, Jason LaCanfora has some interesting news. It seems as if Mel Tucker, who has expressed a "not interested at this time" when asked about the Badger job, met with Badger officials this week.

Tucker, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, started his career under the tutelage of Nick Saban and moved on to becoming a co-defensive coordinator under Jim Tressel, before crossing over to the NFL. He became a defensive coordinator at 35 and led the Jacksonville Jaguars to a top defense in 2011, even managing a 2-3 record as an interim coach to end the year.

It's an absolutely strong resume. With that said? There's a potential opening in Jacksonville, and after Tucker was passed over for the job last season, he stayed on as a defensive coordinator. But at the very least, at the absolute least, if they're using Jason LaCanfora as a trial balloon.

They've got one that should float.