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Badger Bits: Paul Rhoads Says No?

Iowa State's head coach is reportedly staying put. Also, was Barry Alvarez' shadow too big for Bret Bielema?

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Per Evan Flood of Badger247, via our bros at Wide Right Natty Light (can't get enough of that name), Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads has reportedly decided to stay put.

So scratch another one off the list. The discarded pile of Wisconsin coaching candidates has grown over the past few days, but isn't that bound to happen? Some commenters here on the site have pointed to Wisconsin's posting for the job having a "Anticipated begin date" of Dec. 24, and have targeted not-long-after Christmas as a possible time for an announcement. I can buy that, as Barry Alvarez doesn't strike me as the type of guy to settle for an option he didn't want.

The real question, though, is can we wait that long?

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