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Matt Canada to North Carolina State?

We have a place, we have reports, are we about to have a confused goodbye?

Mark A. Cunningham

So remember when I talked about the open Offensive Coordinator Position and I asked, "Hey? Is Matt Canada leaving?" and then forty five minutes later, there was a partial pull back because someone posted the job too early?

Good times, right? Well. We have a place where Canada could, possibly, and might be ending up. (It's been a lot more rumor than news today, no more belaboring the point.)

It's with his former Northern Illinois boss Dave Doeren out east at North Carolina State. And if it's true, there really can't be any better place for Canada to be. He had his best success calling plays under Doeren, and he would not have to have the adjustment period where he would have to get in where he "fits in."

And I mean that honestly, he grew the beard with the game he called against Nebraska, and he had some shockingly tough defenses in the early season. But if this is true? He gets a clean slate and a comfort zone.

Love to have him stay, but best of luck if he goes.