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UPDATED: Mike Riley [Will Not] Interview at Wisconsin

A very interesting name has just emerged...

Steve Dykes

And as we go into the end of day nine of the coaching search, we're feeling a little saucy. Our nerves are frayed just a bit. I know it's trust the process, but if it's Dave Clawson, so help me...

But a report from CBS Sports' Jeremy Fowler has a chance to provide some succor as this coaching search goes into double digit days. Oregon State coach Mike Riley. Badger fans should be familiar with the coach after his Beavers shocked the Badgers with a 10-7 then upset. He led Oregon State to a 7-0 start this season, before there was a Sean Mannion injury that disrupted the team's continuity.

He has a career record of 81-66 at Oregon State, and has helped solidify a once moribund program as a solid team with a stadium that provides a challenge for anyone who would dare enter Reser Stadium. And his 9-3 record is currently the second-best winning percentage for Oregon State since the days of Tommy Prothro.

He's not young, but if this is true? I'm intrigued.

UPDATE (Friday, Dec. 14th 12:30 PM): Joe Schad from ESPN reports that Mike Riley is not interested in the Wisconsin job.