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Matt Canada Out at Wisconsin?

The University of Wisconsin has posted a job opening. Will there be a new offensive coordinator in our midst? [Spoiler Alert? No. Not Yet Anyway]

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UPDATED: 9:09 P.M.: Apparently this posting wasn't authorized...Mainstream Media.


A month ago, there would have been a fan base drowning in schadenfreude upon hearing this news. Now, it just seems as a second assistant domino has fallen.

But today, it seems as if Matt Canada is not going to return to Wisconsin, as the university has posted a job opening for the position. Canada was blamed for a lot of the offenses struggles as the year went along, as the Badgers' offense fell off from two straight seasons in among the best in the country on a per play basis.

And it's not as if Canada has a landing place in Arkansas either -- not unless he wants to drop down in responsibility -- as Arkansas hired former Tennessee offensive coordinator Jim Chaney to run their system. You have to wonder if the Badgers are going to promote from within, as both Thomas Hammock and Zach Azzanni have been under consideration for other jobs in this offseason.

But for now, it seems as if a scapegoat for the struggle will not be returning.