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Al Golden [Not] Favorite For Wisconsin Job

Could there be a decision made today?

Joe Raedle

UPDATE 1:55 PM CST: And that sound you hear is everyone putting on the brakes.


After a few days of silence and blind alleys of rumors in regards to who will replace Bret Bielema for the Wisconsin Coaching Job? We may have a name. And it's a good one.

That's right, the head coach for the Miami Hurricanes is suddenly very much alive in the hunt for the Wisconsin Coaching Job. And this is a candidate that you have to admit would be a very intriguing choice. He won commits from a couple of top-notch recruits that the Badgers were in to the end on, in Kevin Olson and Alex Collins.

And he won. At Temple!

Of course this could very well be another bit of a blind rumor. But as hires go, the Badgers could do a lot worse. And quite frankly? This would very well be a winner.