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Badger Breakdown: Jay Norvell

In part 10 of the series, we break down an Oklahoma offensive coordinator and gasp at how well that position has fed into the head coaching world.

Matthew Emmons

So that Al Golden stuff was fun, right? Of course it wasn't. But we've got a coaching candidate that seems very intriguing.

You may not have heard this name, but Jay Norvell has been mentioned on the periphery of the rumor mill. Dave Heller mentioned his candidacy a few days ago in the coaches being mentioned for the position. And lost in the noise of Barry Alvarez's trip to the Northwest is the fact that Jay Norvell's just not going away.

And the fact of the matter, this might not be such a bad thing.

Overview: If you're looking for a Wisconsin man, Jay Norvell may be exactly what you're looking for. He went to Madison Memorial High School. His father was in the famous Rose Bowl in the 1962 Season. His brother was a linebacker in the Don Morton era. And he started his career as a volunteer assistant with the Badgers, before being hired full-time in 1992. In fact, he had a discussion with Bret Bielema to be the offensive coordinator last season.

No use in wondering why he stayed, exactly. But he's definitely someone with an interest in coming home.

Why It Works: If someone's willing to even consider coming back home for the same position from a job that I think many would consider a more prestigious position, you have someone who if they get hired? They're going to hit the ground running. We've been talking about this in the final throes of the Chris Petersen stream, but you want a coach that's willing to go out and kill to make this job great. And despite the infamous Twitter incident? Jay Norvell is a very well-regarded recruiter.

And you know my stance on NFL experience. Norvell coached Reggie Wayne in his rookie year, and went to the Super Bowl with the Raiders in 2002. He has that going for him, and it definitely helps him gather talent.

Also, coming from the Oklahoma offensive coordinator position has turned out to be a pretty decent indicator of future success in the coaching world in the Stoops era. Five former offensive coordinators have been hired to coach their own teams, and three have managed major successes: Kevin Sumlin, Mark Mangino --I know how it ended, but getting a BCS berth for Kansas football is major -- and Mike Leach -- yes he's been controversial, but he got the Red Raiders to the No. 1 spot , and despite his performance against the Badgers, no Hoosier fan isn't intrigued by what Kevin Wilson's doing at Indiana.

And maybe he's going to open up the passing game a little more if he were to be hired, but Norvell has run offenses that have been more run than pass-centric. And he will have an offensive philosophy that will be tied to the talents that are available. Which, in Wisconsin, doesn't mean that much of a change.

Why It Doesn't: Alvarez has been asking after a coach with head coaching experience. Granted, this is how we found ourselves dealing with rumors of Dave Clawson and demanding the head of Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel. But that being said? Norvell's still an outsider for a reason. And as such? He's going to be a surprise hire.

Perhaps he shouldn't be. But there's a reason why I'm here, and they're in there.

My Opinion: An offensive assistant that would probably be thrilled to be a coach for life or until incompetence comes first. And there's nothing in his resume that wouldn't preclude him from being a great hire. I'm in if we get him.

Percentage Chance: 7%. Like I said, an outsider candidate that I wish had a little more meat on the rumor gristle.