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Report: Dave Clawson In Mix for Badgers Job

The Bowling Green coach surfaces as a candidate for the open job in Madison.

Leon Halip

The report that I almost immediately pulled back upon, about Barry Alvarez in northwest Ohio regarding Matt Campbell, turns out may have merit to it, even if the name was wrong. For you see, short drive from Toledo on I-75 is Bowling Green University. They play FBS football there.

Their coach is named Dave Clawson. And according to Joe Schad, he seems to be in the mix. This is not a good thing. His FBS career has not been one ripe with success. He spent a year coordinating the offense in Tennessee in 2008. It was the 116th best offense. It was the offense that got Phillip Fulmer fired. It was the offense that helped Arian Foster get undrafted.

He managed to land at Bowling Green, and he has a career record of 22-27 with the Falcons. Now that being said, he does have two bowl appearances in his time with the Falcons. But he also has a 2-10 season under his belt for a school that's been a traditional contender in the MAC.

I know Joe Schad doesn't exactly have a reputation for this thing called journalism, and it's entirely possible that Alvarez is trying to defend home court on the recruiting trail. But if there's something to it, I'll spoil my opinion early.

I'd rather have Brad Childress.