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Chris Ash Named Arkansas Defensive Coordinator

And the first assistant domino falls...

Kirby Lee

While it was initially thought to be Charlie Partridge as the major assistant coach that would be joining Bret Bielema in Arkansas, it's officially been reported on Arkansas' website that Chris Ash will be joining Bielema's staff in Arkansas.

Ash has spent the last three seasons with the Badgers, coaching defensive backs and working with Charlie Partridge to coordinate the defense. This season, he helped craft a defense that was one of the best in the country, and a defense that, on a play-to-play basis, could go toe to toe with anyone. He also should be able to help Arkansas out recruiting-wise as well, as he does have previous recruiting coordination experience at Iowa and San Diego State.

Now that being said? He will be allowed to coach the Rose Bowl. Which is fine.

I mean, we still have Charlie Partridge and his Florida connections kicking around, after all.