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Badger Breakdown: Paul Rhoads

In part nine of the series, we take a look at the Iowa State head coach, and wonder just how it got real quiet toward him on the rumor front.

Cooper Neill

One of the things we head from Barry Alvarez as the coaching search commenced was that he wanted someone with head coaching experience. He wanted someone who would know how to win. He wanted someone who would know how to maximize his talent. Perhaps it's time to cast our eyes toward Paul Rhoads.

Overview: Paul Rhoads is a defensive minded coach who was hired to replace Gene Chizik at Iowa State when Chizik went to coach Auburn. Coincidentally? Rhoads was the defensive coordinator at Auburn the season before he got to Ames. In four seasons? Rhoads has worked the Cyclones to three bowl berths.

Why It Works: For one?

This is a mutual interest society. I mean, not to steal from Cheap Trick, but you want them to want you. And Rhoads definitely wants to come here. Which is nice. Because like Temple?

Iowa State's not an easy place to win at.

Rhoads has a career .490 winning percentage at Iowa State. On its surface, an unimpressive number. But it is the second highest winning percentage of a non-interim coach in Cyclone since World War II. He's done better than Johnny Majors in Ames. And Johnny Majors won a national championship and made Tennessee a real threat.

Also, the Badgers would be getting one of the more charismatic coaches in college football in Rhoads.

I mean, really. You want a coach with a little bit of that fire and brimstone.

And? All of this can be the Badgers, for the low low price of a one million dollar buyout.

Why It Doesn't: I don't know if this is a question of his talents that he's had in Ames more than coaching efficiency? But he's never had an offense that was close to a level that the Badgers have been used to. His best total offense was 60th in 2011. He's had two seasons of sub 90 or below.

And defensively? He's never had a defense above 87th. Again, I'm willing to give Rhoads the benefit of the doubt, as Ames is a town that literally doubles in size when school's in session and doesn't have the reputation as a good college town as a place like Madison. But still, it's food for thought.

Also, if you notice from my twitter? Rhoads has kind of dropped off the rumor mill. This can mean one of two things. We've done the due diligence and thanks but no thanks. Or we're waiting until the after Liberty Bowl to announce the hire.

Because if we remember that Chris Petersen was in for the Arkansas job because open coaching job. And we all know how that went.

My Opinion: It may be the fault of researching Golden and Rhoads back to back and shortchanging Golden. But if the longshot which likely doesn't come in doesn't come in? I want Rhoads over Golden.

Percentage Change: He's my sleeper dark horse. 15%.