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Badger Bits: Where To Keep An Eye On Flights Going Out Of Boise

Chris Petersen is absolutely not, no-way, 100 percent, no-chance-in-hell coaching at Wisconsin next season. But what if he is?!

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Today is the day that Chris Petersen is supposed to interview for the Wisconsin head football coaching position. When the news was first reported, Badger fans promptly lost their cookies. Boise State fans are apparently still unaware whether their golden-clothed head coach even knows what a Wisconsin is, judging by the front pages at the Idaho Statesman and One Bronco Nation Under God.

You know in the deepest recesses of your heart that college football's biggest tease (not that it's his fault) will not be coaching at Wisconsin next season. If every major head coaching position over the last six years hasn't been enough to sway Petersen, then there is little reason to expect Barry Alvarez to suddenly shmooze him enough to come to Madison.

There are reasons for Petersen to come to Madison, of course. It's a great place to raise a family, the atmosphere is as good as any, and the fanbase will be warm after years spent muttering bad things about Bret Bielema under their breath. Ted Glover at OTE points out what may be the biggest factor:

With the B1G one of the few conferences assured to still be standing strong when all this conference realignment is finally finished, this might be as good a time as any for Petersen to make a move to what will be one of the three or four super conferences, and the Badgers might be a perfect fit for him.

The problem is, again, that this will-he/won't-he story has played out so often that the blogs and newspapers dedicated to covering Boise State football are forgoing any coverage this year. That seems like a bad sign.

You shouldn't be excited, but you are, and so am I. So here, this is a link showing the flights coming in and out of the Dane County Regional Airport on Monday. I won't be watching it, because I am above such things. I am absolutely not above keeping tabs on the crazies who will be watching, however.


Joel Stave is throwing again in practice, and is aiming for a Rose Bowl return. A potential quarterback controversy could be the other, other, other top story over the next couple weeks. Bonus: Bart Houston is also slinging the ball and reportedly looking good.

Barry Alvarez will pay himself $225k for coaching the Rose Bowl. Granted it's a lot of work, but it may not look good to give yourself a one-year assistant coach's salary for one game at the same time your old head coach walks out the door complaining about money for underlings. Especially when you're already one of the Top 5 highest paid ADs in the country.

Tom Oates on the absent silver lining in Wisconsin's loss to Marquette on Saturday.

Receivers coach Zach Azzanni is drawing interest from several schools. He might rejoin Willie Taggart at USF, or pursue the open head coaching gig at Western Kentucky.