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Badger Bits: Wisconsin Plays Mediocre Team From Indiana For Trip To Indy, Pt. 2

Indiana beat Iowa over the weekend, setting up a suddenly weighty matchup in Bloomington. Wisconsin fans have every reason to be nervous. (Also, links!)

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And just like that, I'm suddenly scared of Indiana. Here are the reasons you should be too:

1) With a win over Iowa, Indiana proved they can beat non-descript, non-bad football teams, which is about as much as Wisconsin has proven up to this point.

2) They seem to be improving every week in Big Ten play. Sizable loss to Northwestern --> close loss to Michigan State --> close loss to Ohio State --> win over Illinois --> win over Iowa constitutes a progression. Unfortunately, Wisconsin looks like the next logical step.

3) Passing spread offense is the perfect poison to Wisconsin's vanilla coverages.

4) Wisconsin may not have a quarterback.

5) "The Wisconsin game is, quite simply, the biggest regular season game IU has played since 1993."

Wisconsin has plenty of reason to be optimistic, too. Ricky Wagner is expected to be back, whoever starts at quarterback will at least be expecting to see the field, Montee Ball is Montee Ball, and Indiana is a team with a losing record. Unfortunately, I still see the game being close either way.

Good to see that nervous adrenaline pumps on Monday mornings, too.

Monday's Links:

More Red and White observations on top of Phil's must-read post from yesterday.

George Marshall showed plenty of confidence following a solid performance in the Badgers' scrimmage.

Sloppy execution doomed the Badgers in the fourth quarter against Michigan State. Matt Canada says that can't happen again.

More Corey Clement excitement.

The pulse on next week's game against Indiana.

Updated bowl B1G bowl projections provided by the WWL.

Bye weeks mean fluffy pieces on athletes giving back.

Upcoming opponent check: Ohio State's win over Illinois was somehow less demoralizing than Penn State's bludgeoning of Purdue. At least the Illini executed a neat 2-point conversion.

Once again, here's your weekend in college football, as told by Twitter.