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Badger Bits: Making Peace With Wisconsin Football

The Badgers are 7-5 after their third overtime loss in four games, and could ultimately finish the season 7-7 after entering the 2012 season with Rose Bowl expectations. Yet I'm strangely at peace with this squad.

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It feels like it should be the end, but it turns out Wisconsin has another game to play before heading off to a bowl game somewhere -- the Gator Bowl looking likely. A lot of fans view the Big Ten Championship game as a setup for Wisconsin to achieve a rarely (never?) seen 7-7 record. There is no reason to like the team's chances against Nebraska, but the odds are at least as good as they were against Ohio State and Penn State. For all of the belly-aching, let's not forget that both games were tied at the end of regulation. That's a 50-50 shot, presumably.

That isn't consolation, I know. Our happiness in sports doesn't tie neatly with how our teams actually played. A close loss leaves a disproportionately large bruise. But while three straight overtime losses looks like a trend, it is still well within the variance of small sample sizes. Yes, this is very relevant.

I'm at peace with this squad. I was frustrated plenty, with play-calling and improperly vetted coaching hires in particular. Mike Markuson should have never happened, in hindsight, and Matt Canada is apparently only capable of calling screens and play action before a defense has over-committed to the running game. But five losses (or seven) isn't earth-shattering for a team that went through a massive coaching transition, suffered injuries at critical moments and is currently down to its third starting quarterback at season's end.

Dare I say, I believe the 2012 season will be regard fondly, for Montee Ball and his superlative career, for the awakening of Joel Stave and for what hindsight may ultimately view as the calm before an outstanding 2013 season. Every piece on offense returns outside of Ball and Ricky Wagner. A front seven that had been stout until Happy Valley will be senior-laden. Underlying that team will be a never-die attitude that has permeated recent iterations of Badger football under Bret Bielema.

I should be upset, and fans are absolutely right to be. In fact, they are right to choose whatever narrative they wish.

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