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Badger Bits: Giving Thanks, Because I've Run Out of Snark

Turns out it's not so bad to put sports on the back burner, especially at a time when the news can only get you down. And with that, happy Thanksgiving, you guys!

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I went to a wedding in Florida on Sunday. To get there, I drove 20 hours from Michigan on Friday and Saturday, and 20 hours back up from Florida on Monday and Tuesday. I missed the Florida game and the Ohio State game. I was with pleasant company when I found out that Jim Delany had snipped another one of the dwindling strands upholding my ability to enjoy college athletics in good conscience.

These are all relatively good things. With sports on the backburner, I could focus on what I was supposed to be thinking about that weekend -- love, or something -- and not obnoxious words like "demographics" or "market share" or "superconference". You missed out on a snarky column on Monday that in hindsight would have added nothing to the rich canon of snarky columns that are currently populating the web. (Brian Cook's Q&A with EDSBS says just about everything that can be said.)

So be thankful for that, just as much as I am thankful that I didn't have to write it. Go pretend that sports don't exist for a little while. I tried it this weekend and -- I gotta tell ya -- it's not all bad.

Of course, if you still need your fix, you can always check out some links:

Notes and things: Rob Havenstein looks iffy, and Bret Bielema gets some consolation from the Big Ten. Chris Borland also says he is day-to-day.

The incredible, flexible, adaptable defense.

A statistical look at the Wisconsin-Penn State game via Black Shoe Diaries.

EDSBS gives thanks to a many number of things I love about college football, and still love, except now with a nagging feeling of gut rot. Jim Delaney is a jerk.

Speaking of which, OTE holds a roundtable discussion on expansion, and it turns out it is still awful.

Thank you Bo Ryan, for at least making it fleetingly humorous.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!