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Bucky's 5th Quarter, Radio Free Omaha WCHA Podcast: Episode 2

This has nothing to do with the podcast, it was just a great picture.
This has nothing to do with the podcast, it was just a great picture.
Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to week two of the RFO/B5Q Podcast, simulcast at Radio Free Omaha and Bucky's Fifth Quarter.

This is a new weekly podcast presented by RFO’s Matthew Semisch and B5Q’s Andy Johnson, who both also write for United States College Hockey Online. With Semisch primarily covering Nebraska Omaha and Johnson primarily covering Wisconsin, the two writers pool together their insight each week to give listeners an in-depth look at what’s going on in the WCHA.

This week, Semisch and Johnson look at last week’s action involving WCHA teams, the two writers’ ballots in this week’s edition of the Tech Hockey Guide league web media poll, and their predictions for this weekend’s games going on around the league.

Both Semisch and Johnson have been under the weather this week, so we apologize if the presenters’ tones sound a bit huskier than they were last week. As ever, though, we hope you enjoy this week’s episode of the podcast.

All comments and questions for the show are welcome. You can find Semisch here at and on Twitter at @matthewsemisch. Johnson’s B5Q hockey work can be found at, and he is a must-follow on Twitter at @AndyJohnsonB5Q.