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Badger Bits: Oh Danny Boy, You've Only One More Chance

With Joel Stave out, it appears that if Danny O'Brien ever wants another shot at being Wisconsin's quarterback, he's going to have to prove it during the bye week.

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Heading into last Saturday's game against Michigan State, Badgers fans were optimistic that the team had made the changes they needed to in order to become not only a lock for the Big Ten title game, but the favorite to represent the conference in the Rose Bowl. However, after not only a loss to Sparty, but also the loss of starting QB Joel Stave, everyone is wondering who will be starting under center against Indiana next Saturday.

At 6-foot-3, Wisconsin's offense is currently ranked 80th in the nation in points scored, averaging almost 26 points per game, 44th in rushing at just over 180 yards per game and a less than stellar 107th in passing at just under 181 yards per game. What do these stats mean? Well I could continue to state the obvious and say that the running game appears to be the only real production in the offense, but after the injury to Stave it appears (at least according to the depth chart) that Danny O’Brien will at least have a chance to regain the starting job that he lost just three games into the season.

It’s only been two years since O’Brien put up some impressive stats for the Terrapins, when he threw for 2,438 yards, 22 touchdowns and just eight interceptions. He's also completed 57 percent of his passes and had an efficiency rating of 134.5. I’m a firm believer in stats, especially with football more than any other major sport. It's my opinion that if Bret Bielema would give O’Brien a larger sample size, the running game actually contributes again and the defense keeps improving, O’Brien could be a solid game manager and good enough to lead Wisconsin to the Rose Bowl.

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