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Bo Ryan Hates Freshmen. And It's A Good Thing.

While talk of the Badgers as sleeper starts to permeate through the college basketball world, I have to ask, can a coach who doesn't enjoy playing freshman let one try to fill the shoes of Jordan Taylor?

It's been a while since a freshman had the opportunities Devin Harris had.
It's been a while since a freshman had the opportunities Devin Harris had.

Bo Ryan hates the kids.

Okay, that's mean. The only people Bo Ryan would want off his lawn are the sideline reporters with the temerity to get paid to ask the obvious questions. But there's something this season that hasn't happened for the longest time. In fact, the last time this happened with the Badger basketball team, it was coming off being smacked upside the head with the greatest moment of Georgia State's athletic history.

With the injury to Mike Bruesewitz, the Badgers are in line to have two freshman getting starter's minutes for the first time in a decade. I mean, not since Devin Harris and Mike Wilkinson have the Badgers been so babied as a team. This doesn't mean I aim to cast any aspersions on the coach. Far from it. The day will come when I will perspectivetorium the crap out of how the way Bo Ryan sets up his team has made me okay with the potential mishagoes that come from the off loss to a Davidson or Cornell in the tournament. It's just interesting.

Does this mean I'm worried about the state of George Marshall? Far from it. This is also a post of hope. Jordan Taylor's one of the all time great point guards in Badgers history. (There's another post coming down the line about why Jordan Taylor's someone who deserves to be missed.)

But you know who also didn't start as a freshman?

The obvious response is Jordan Taylor, but you can also add in Trevon Hughes and Kammron Taylor to that. Bo Ryan's never really erred in finding a point guard that gives more than he takes away. Suppose this means he has the highest of praise for George Marshall. After all, Devin Harris had flashes of greatness in the NBA.

And what about Sam Dekker? Should the citizens of the Mediterranean prepare themselves for Dekkermania should the NBA not call? Absolutely. Sam Dekker contains all the promise of Sam Okey without any of the desire to see him take a stray elbow to the face.

Long story short, even if it's a marriage of convenience? Let the sleeper talk come. Somnambulism is a state I'm fully prepared for when it comes to Bucky Hoops.

We'll wake up in time. We usually do.