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Put Bo Ryan In The Poor House

Wisconsin students have the opportunity to raise easy money to fight cancer. All you have to do is show up to Gate A at the Kohl Center on Thursday, Oct. 25.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Are you a student at the University of Wisconsin? Good. In fact, even if you're not, read on and spread the word.

On Thursday, October 25, from 3-7 p.m., the Kohl Center will host the Charity Stripe Challenge as a part of Homecoming festivities. Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan and his wife have generously offered to donate $1 for every UW student that walks through the door.

Attendees will have a chance to meet the 2012-13 men's basketball team, enjoy free pizza and Wisconsin gear giveaways, plus be eligible for raffle prizes and gift cards. But that's not all. Students can shoot either free throws or half-court shots to increase Coach Ryan's donation. A made free throw is worth a $10 donation, while those making a half-court shot will add a $1,000 to Ryan's donation and win season tickets for men's basketball.

"Please join me and my wife, Kelly, for an opportunity to raise money to continue to fight to find a cure," Ryan added. "We strongly encourage the participation of all the students on campus regardless of your ability to shoot a basketball. We really want this event to be about an evening of fun, an opportunity to meet your 2012-2013 Wisconsin Men's Basketball team and to raise money for a great cause. Please mark your calendars for the 25th of October and let's beat this disease that has touched us all!"

Practice your half-court shots people! Every half-court shot made is worth 100 made free throws toward the donation. If you know you don't have a winning half-court shot in ya, get that free throw stroke down to a science. I hope the students take this event seriously and make it a priority to raise tons of money for a great cause. Take over the Kohl Center like the rabid mob that you are Grateful Red! Make Bo take out a second mortgage on his home. Put him in the poor house! Or as they say on Twitter, #MakeBoPay.

"I think 'Make Bo Pay' was done by other people, but that's okay," Ryan said at Tuesday's press conference, "because Kelly's paying. She has the checkbook."

Ryan continued on to explain the impetus behind the event. One factor was the enormous generosity at the national Coaches vs. Cancer golf fundraiser in Kohler this offseason. Another was the chance to give students a more unique way to interact with the team in lieu of Midnight Madness.