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Peter Konz Watch - Friday, January 6

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So Paul Chryst is leaving and Montee Ball is staying. What about center Peter Konz?

He's next on our watch list and there seemed to be some confusion regarding his future earlier. The Wisconsin State Journal was at one point this morning reporting that Peter Konz was both leaving for the NFL and staying at Wisconsin. Now, I've never heard of any player playing in both the NFL and college football, so one could only assume Konz would be the first player ever to pull that off.

Kidding of course, but Badgers fans will probably not find it funny that Konz is likely heading to the NFL.

11:35 AM - Andy Baggot cleared up his earlier tweet about Konz staying with a follow-up:

Still no official word from Konz or the Badgers, but he's a goner.

9:20 AM - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is also reporting that Konz will declare for the NFL Draft.

9:15 AM - Tom Mulbern now has a story on about Konz leaving. Looks like that is the verdict.

9:13 AM - It started with Tom Mulhern writing on Twitter at 8:49 a.m. that Konz was leaving:

Then, three minutes later, Andy Baggot reported that Konz was staying at Wisconsin:

Now, I had to embed my own retweet of Andy's tweet because he has since deleted it. What does that mean? Well, unfortunately for Badger fans, it probably means the State Journal is going with Mulhern's report that Konz is leaving.

We'll keep you updated with any developments right here so keep checking for more.