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Assistant Coach Watch - Wednesday, Jan. 4

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On what started as a day in which we thought we'd just be watching for an announcement from Montee Ball, we are now watching a parade of assistant coaches leave the Badgers.

We'll update this story throughout the day as situation develops.

8:15 PM - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Joe Rudolph is "solid" on returning to Wisconsin and will not leave before the start of next season. Rudolph, who will take over as offensive line coach, will also be the running game coordinator, according to the report. Keeping Rudolph is important because he has had a lot of success as the team's recruiting coordinator.

Meanwhile, the report also says center Peter Konz will be more inclined to stay at UW for his senior season if Rudolph stays on the staff.

3:10 PM - The Badgers made it official with DelVaughn Alexander's move to Arizona State:

3:02 PM - According to the Wisconsin State Journal, linebackers coach Dave Huxtable is leaving Wisconsin to take the defensive coordinator job under Paul Chryst at Pitt despite saying last week that he was "100 percent" staying in Madison. In addition, wide receivers coach DelVaughn is headed to Arizona State, but it's unclear what position he is taking in Tempe.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State co-offensive coordinator Jay Norwell has emerged as a candidate for the vacant offensive coordinator job at Wisconsin, according to the paper. He is a Madison native and has talked to Bielema about the job. Of course if Bielema hires Norwell, he could also lose recruiting coordinator Joe Rudolph who is set to take over as offensive line coach and is candidate to be the offensive coordinator at UW. Rudolph is close to Chryst and reportedly has an offer waiting for him at Pitt.

Former offensive line coach Bob Bostad has already announced he is joining Chryst in Pittsburgh.

All four departing coaches' names (Chryst, Bostad, Huxtable and Alexander) have been removed from the Badgers' official website.