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READ: UW's incident report on allegations of sexual assault by John Chadima

Below is the report from Judge Patrick Fiedler's independent review team on allegations of misconduct by senior associate athletic director John Chadima.

READ: John Chadima Rose Bowl Incident Report
(If you have trouble opening the document, right click and "Save As" to your computer.)

In the report, Chadima's actions are referred to as "sexual assault" and the findings are quite disturbing.

The report alleges that while in Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl, Chadima threw a party "for the staff and student employees who worked 'behind the scenes' in support of the football team," as he has done before at least the last four bowl games. This party took place Dec. 30 in Chadima's suite at the J.W. Marriott in downtown Los Angeles where the Badger football team and traveling party stayed during their trip.

At the conclusion of the party, Chadima allegedly asked one student to stay in his room as everyone else left. The student was a male described as "John Doe" in the report. The report says Chadima allegedly accused the student of being gay before he "reached over and removed Doe's pants belt and then inserted his hand inside Doe's pants on his genitals."

After the student slapped Chadima's hand away, Chadima said, "I thought you liked it" and "What are you going to do about it?" and "I could have you fired," according to the report.

Chadima released a statement Tuesday night in which he admitted to a problem with alcohol and says, "I was wrong in these decisions, and once again, deeply apologize to all those affected."

READ: John Chadima Statement On The Report Findings

Obviously these are disturbing allegations and carry an enormous amount of weight after what has been revealed at Penn State the last few months.

If there's any bright side, the report details a very well handled response to the allegations by the University of Wisconsin. There doesn't appear to be any kind of cover-up. In fact, the report says that the student reported the allegations to a superior immediately that night and it was the student's request to wait until after the Rose Bowl to pursue action.

The report includes an attached document from the University of Wisconsin Police Department to the university's deans and directors that specifically mentions the Penn State scandal and details UW's crime prevention objectives and reporting obligations.

Clearly, the Penn State scandal had an impact on how this incident was handled by the University of Wisconsin.

Obviously, it's great to see this awful situation handled so well by UW, but one can only wonder if it would have been handled the same way pre-Jerry Sandusky/Penn State.

We can only hope so.