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Badger Bits: Something like a coaching search update, kind of

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Bret Bielema's drawn-out search for a new offensive coaching staff could have consequences on recruiting.
Bret Bielema's drawn-out search for a new offensive coaching staff could have consequences on recruiting.

So the University of Wisconsin's official athletics magazine, Varsity, has an article in its latest issue that sort of reads like damage control. In it, Mike Lucas lets us know that, seriously, Bret Bielema has been turning back, like, so many amazing coaching candidates for the Badgers' gutted offensive staff, and that this all part of the process, and not to worry about recruiting because Ben Strickland and Luke Swan have a total of three years experience on staff and are holding down the fort inside the living rooms of high schoolers.

As true as any of that might be, I would feel infinitely better knowing that Wisconsin had at least a couple of pieces in place with Signing Day just a couple weeks away. According to the Varsity article, we may not have to wait much longer.

Bielema has been sensitive to each individual situation, too; protecting the identity, if necessary, of those who have shown interest. He hopes to announce some of his new hires in four to five days.

One of those new hires is assuredly Zach Azzanni, who everyone surrounding Western Kentucky has reported is heading North even though Wisconsin hasn't in order to protect his identity, I guess. The rumor well is dry otherwise, making this the most leak-proof coaching search I can ever recall. The problem is that there are high school recruits that need reassuring at the moment, and unless they're also extraordinarily good at keeping their mouths closed it appears that they are operating in the dark as much as we are except that they have a life-changing decision looming.

Unless Barry Alvarez was waiting until a certain Super Bowl contender was out of the playoffs, and Mike McCarthy is set to assume coordinator duties starting tomorrow. Is Mike McCarthy the Badgers' next offensive coordinator? Find out next week on another episode of FOR THE LOVE OF GOSH GIVE US SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.

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J.J. Watt was stupendous once again on Sunday (12 tackles, 2.5 sacks). Unfortunately it was a losing effort for the Texans.

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