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Badger Bits: The curious case of John Chadima

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John Chadima was a senior athletic administrator in the Wisconsin athletic department, overseeing capital projects and serving as administrator for men's and women's golf, wrestling, and football. He arrived at UW in 1990 as director of operations for football, a capacity he served until 1997, and from 2000-2003. When Barry Alvarez took over as athletic director, Chadima joined his senior staff, where he most notably oversaw the $109 million renovation of Camp Randall Stadium.

Last Saturday John Chadima found himself out of a job--placed on administrative leave before resigning--over alleged "misconduct" at the Rose Bowl. It didn't wind up on the LA or Dane County police blotters, but Chadima's reaction was to shut off cell phone service and put his house in Madison on the market. It was bad enough to bring Alvarez back from his vacation in Florida, as well as launch an independent review featuring a former United States attorney and judge, a former assistant chief of police with the UWPD, and two former longtime associate deans of students.

Whatever happened, the athletic department isn't in any hurry to let the public know. It has been labeled a "personnel matter" allowing aggrandizers to assume their pews. Cue State Rep. Steve Nass, who accused interim chancellor David Ward of trying to keep the public in the dark via the inquiry committee. Ward defended UW's silent stance, saying, "to protect the integrity of the review and those who have shared information with us, it is imperative that the committee be allowed to complete its work."

What exactly happened is anyone's guess, though judging by the swift reaction by everyone surrounding the situation the allegations appear to be serious. The Andy Baggot story saw fit to mention that Chadima was known for throwing a party for "unsung members of the UW football entourage" at bowl trips, but that's about it in terms of possible wink-wink-nudge-nudge fodder from the media. Comb internet forums and you will find the heartier accusations you're probably looking for, though all of it is unsubstantiated at this point.

The biggest concern from a fatalist fan's perspective is that Wisconsin finds itself on the long list of scandal-stricken programs from this past season. To that end, the athletic department seems to be doing everything it can to diffuse the situation, taking action while delaying any public announcements of substance. We will see whether any of this becomes relevant at an "ESPN News Break" level. Perhaps this is the last we hear of John Chadima. Maybe this all gets swept under the rug and maybe in the long run that's a good thing. We'll see.

At the very least, it has been fascinating to see Monroe Street apparently lose its mind over a man most had never heard of until this week.

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