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Badger Bits: Wisconsin ahead of schedule in preparing for Oregon State

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Quarterback Ryan Katz and the rest of the Beavers have their work cut out for them against the Badgers this weekend.
Quarterback Ryan Katz and the rest of the Beavers have their work cut out for them against the Badgers this weekend.

The Badgers have a lot going for them as they welcome Oregon State to Camp Randall this weekend. With playmakers aplenty, they've already shown the ability to rack up a ton of yards on offense. Even though we've only seen it for a bit more than a half -- and against one of the worst defenses in the FBS -- the Badgers have all the makings of an elite offense. And even though the defense had it's share of struggles last week, it's tough to imagine them too much trouble against a James Rodgers-less Oregon State offense.

Additionally, as Tom Mulhern points out, the Badgers got a few days to prepare for the game because their first game was Thursday. The Beavers, who lost in overtime to FCS school Sacramento State Saturday, will not enjoy the same luxury. Mulhern also notes Oregon State has been practicing at 9 a.m. to prepare for the 11 a.m. CT start. 

It's tough enough to prepare to play an elite team. It's even tougher when you have to travel halfway across the country, wake up and play earlier than you're used to and face them when they've had nine days to do their own preparations. Things aren't looking good for the Beavers, it would seem.

Not so fast, says Andy Baggot. The Beavers have a history (especially recently) of starting slow but picking up the pace. The Badgers could be in for an upset if they take Oregon State too lightly, he suggests.

Kirk Herbstreit identified Russell Wilson as a standout performer on SportsCenter yesterday and said some awfully nice things about him and the Badgers. Video here.

After racking up four criminal charges stemming from a Sept. 1 incident, defensive lineman Jake Irwin was officially dismissed from the team, Bret Bielema said Wednesday. The coach also officially announced the transfer of former Pittsburgh tight end Brock DeCicco to Wisconsin.

Tom Mulhern takes a closer look at the Badgers' defensive line rotation against UNLV. Bielema and Wisconsin's co-defensive coordinators seem very happy with the depth they have at those positions.

It turns out Badgers offensive coordinator Paul Chryst and Beavers head coach Mike Riley are good friends. There seems to be a lot of mutual respect between them. Jeff Potrykus also put together a nice scouting report on Oregon State, which will be using two quarterbacks against the Badgers.

The Badgers remained on top of the Rittenberg/Bennett Big Ten power poll over at

Tickets for Saturday's game are going for $134 a pop, according to TiqIQ. That's the 21st highest average price in the nation.

Gary D'Amato put together a nice feel-good column about the state of Wisconsin sports. He points out that the Brewers, Packers and Badgers have never been this good at the same time since the early '60s.

In hoops news, the Big Ten released its ESPN/CBS schedule for the upcoming season. The Badgers got a tough draw on their two away one-game series. They'll have to travel to Michigan and Purdue, but won't get a shot at those two teams at the Kohl Center.