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Week 5 BlogPoll Top 25: How B5Q Voted

Once again, SBNation's BlogPoll Top 25 will be released Tuesday morning, but here's a sneak peak at how I voted:

Onto my explanations...

No. 1 LSU Tigers: I took a little criticism for keeping the Tigers at No. 1 last week after Oklahoma's big win over Florida State, but now you see why. I say this every week, but I don't just rank teams based on the results. I actually make an effort to watch the talent on the field and LSU clearly is the most talented team in the country right now.

No. 8 Oklahoma State: The Cowboys are proving me wrong, but I'm not ready to overreact and put them in the top five like the AP voters did. Winning at Texas A&M is tough and it was an impressive win, but I'm not convinced the Cowboys are better than any of the seven teams I have ranked ahead of them.

No. 14 Clemson Tigers: After a great win at Florida State, the Tigers are officially this year's surprise team so far.

No. 24 West Virginia: The Mountaineers were exposed at home against LSU, but we have to keep in mind how good the Tigers are. West Virginia is still a top 25 team.

No. 22 Illinois Fighting Illini: The Illini showed some vulnerabilities against Western Michigan, which is why they aren't moving up on my ballot, but I'm also not going to move them down because I called that game out as a trap game. Saturday's contest against Northwestern might tell us how scary the Illini really are.

For the record, I have Michigan State just off my ballot at No. 26.