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Week 3 BlogPoll Top 25: How B5Q Voted

The Week 3 BlogPoll Top 25 is out and Alabama is once again No. 1 after getting passed by LSU last week.

Apparently the Crimson Tide's win over Penn State was enough to sway voters, but not me. I'm just not that high on the Nittany Lions. I never have faith in a team that can't figure out it's quarterback situation. Look at the last eight years of Badger football. When was the one bad year? 2008, when the Badgers couldn't find a consistent option at quarterback. Alabama handled Penn State exactly how they should have. Didn't make me think they were any better than I already did (remember, the Tide was my preseason No. 1).

Not only did I not change my No. 1 team, but I didn't make any changes in the top 11. That was enough to rank me No. 4 among all ballots for the least amount of change this week.

Here's my ballot with explanations following:

Let's break it down:


No. 12 South Carolina - Closest team to the top to impress as the Gamecocks took care of Georgia on the road. Virginia Tech and Oklahoma State get passed.

No. 21 Arizona State - Common sense kind of told me the Sun Devils would beat Missouri at home. A "black-out" didn't make sense to me in a non-conference game against a team that has black as one of it's primary colors, but I guess it worked. Great game.

No. 24 Mississippi State - After what we saw from Auburn against Utah State, the Bulldogs should have taken care of the Tigers at home. They fall the hardest in this week's ballot.

No. 25 Ohio State - Still don't know who this team is. Toledo is a good team, but that was an uninspiring win.

Northern Illinois - The Huskies fall out of of my Top 25 after losing at Kansas. It's not often MAC teams are favored on the road at a Big 12 school, but really, there's no excuse for NIU to lose at Kansas. That's not a good team and Saturday's game at Soldier Field looks a lot more manageable for the Badgers now.