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Badger Bits: Russell Wilson fever sweeps the state of Wisconsin

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So basically, Russell ain't the only Russell
Russell Brand, Russell Crowe -
Kanye West and Jay-Z, Watch the Throne.

Kanye was not referring to Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson in one of the songs from the album he and Jay-Z released yesterday, but he might as well have. Wilson is almost getting Aaron Rodgers-type treatment in the state of Wisconsin. Even head coach Bret Bielema is finding himself in the middle of Russell-mania. "I get it every day," Bielema said. "Since I've been a head coach, I've never had so many people...I'll just be filling up my car with gas at a gas station and somebody will come up and ask me questions about him."

How Wilson fits in with the locker room is of more importance than how much hype he's receiving by Badger fans, but all indications are that Wilson's doing just fine at imbedding himself into the Wisconsin roster. "He really fits with who we are," junior center Peter Konz said. "It's a cliche at Wisconsin, but he's a Wisconsin guy." The other big concern with Wilson is whether or not he can learn the playbook by September 1st. As you read this, there's a 50% chance that Wilson is studying his playbook right now; he is spending 10 to 12 hours a day learning the plays and is confident that he'll be in complete command of the offense by the UNLV kickoff. Dedication like that could lead to a special season in Madison this year.

One observer at Wisconsin's practice yesterday took the liberty of comparing Russell Wilson's performance at practice to that of fellow quarterback Jon Budmayr. What were his conclusions?

Round 1 in Wilson vs. Budmayr went potentially too predictably: Jeff Potrykus saw Wilson to be a sharper quarterback than Budmayr in a seven-on-seven passing drill. Wilson went 6-for-6, including a 37-yard pass to sophomore wideout Jared Abbrederis. Meanwhile, Budmayr went 2-for-6 with an interception. Please don't make your judgement based on the result of one drill, but how comfortable would you be if Wilson gets injured this season?

Brush up on your German, Keaton: Former Wisconsin forward Keaton Nankivil will be playing professional basketball in Germany. He joins Tim Jarmusz in Germany, though it seems Nankivil will be playing in a higher division of basketball than Jarmusz.

Patrick Butrym suggests that the Badgers were brainwashed last season: How else could one explain the fact that the Wisconsin Badgers led the country in fewest penalties committed? Another large factor may be the superb leadership that has been demonstrated by the last two senior classes (and presumably this year's seniors as well).

Injury is a dirty word: It's great that the Badgers are practicing at Camp Randall in preparation for the season, but that opens them up to injuries above and beyond those that could be suffered in everyday life. Two linebackers were injured in Monday's practice- A.J. Fenton and Marcus Trotter. Not Mike Taylor and Chris Borland is the silver lining there.

Ben Herbert wants you to know what the most important meal of the day is: Breakfast. Check out how strength coach Ben Herbert helped get the Badger players to their target physiques this off-season. The "transformance" of many players is thanks to a combination of weight room work and sensible nutritional choices. Before and after pictures shown to players following summer workouts serve as confidence boosters heading into the season.

Quarterback Darrell Bevell runs to roses and glory: did a cool feature where it highlighted the most indelible touchdowns in college football history- of every possible length. Bevell's 21-yard scamper in the 1994 Rose Bowl is the representative for 21 yards. Video of the touchdown is included.

You willingly want to go to Indianapolis? Why?: Oh yeah, that's where the Super Bowl and the Big Ten Championship are both being held this season. Tom Oates writes about the prospects of the Badgers and Packers ending up at important football games in Lucas Oil Stadium this season.

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