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Badger Bits: Big Ten moves to 9-game schedule, but is it a good idea?

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I guess there's not a whole lot going on in the world today, except the Badgers' fall camp opening. If you're into that kind of thing, that is. And I'm betting you are. On to the links!

Well, the inevitable happened. The Big Ten announced yesterday they will move to a nine-game conference schedule starting in 2017, much to the chagrin of the league's football coaches. The Badgers will get five conference home games in every even year after 2017, whereas they will play five conference road games in odd years.

If you take a look at this, it's really not surprising the Big Ten wanted to go with a nine game schedule. One extra conference home game for half the league is enough to make any athletic director salivate. However, the Big Ten's coaches aren't thrilled with the move. A nine-game schedule means six teams will be guaranteed an extra loss every year, which could hurt the Big Ten's chances of making bowl games. What do you think? Will the Big Ten's move have a positive or negative effect on the conference? Vote in the poll!

Unfortunately for the Wisconsin-Iowa rivalry, the league will not add a second protected rivalry to each team's schedule, so the Badgers and Hawkeyes will have to wait their turn like everyone else.

You can read Jim Delany's rationale for a nine-game schedule here.

Badgers Football

Mike Lucas spoke with UW quarterback Jon Budmayr about Russell Wilson's transfer. Budmayr says all the right things, so hopefully he takes time to refine his game for next year's quarterback battle.

Tom Mulhern writes that Aaron Henry emerged in many different ways.

Russell Wilson checks in at No. 18 in's Big Ten player rankings.

Jeff Potrykus writes that the Badgers are reloading with a talented roster this year.

Badgers Basketball

What? What is this bas-ket-ball you speak of? Oh well. Let's just roll with it. Rob Schultz writes that Jared Berggren and Evan Anderson are eyeing bigger roles in the upcoming season.

Jim Rutledge of ESPN Madison tweeted that Jon Leuer has signed a contract with a team in Germany, but he can come back to the NBA if/when the labor unrest is resolved.

Badgers in the NFL

Mulhern also writes that former Wisconsin quarterback Scott Tolzien is off to a good start with the San Diego Chargers.


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