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Badger Hockey Twitter List

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A few months ago back on my old blog (Sixty Minutes. No Alibis. No Regrets) I posted a list of current and former Wisconsin hockey players who had twitter accounts. I figured I'd give it an update as the list of active and past players continues to skyrocket every week. There's even a couple of future Badgers with accounts. As it stands right now we've found 59 current, former, or future Badgers on twitter between both the men's and women's hockey programs.

Twitter has become one of the best hockey resources on the Internet. Virtually every WCHA team beat writer has an account, as do most WCHA fan bloggers. It's become a great source to communicate with writers from around the league and NCAA hockey even if you are just a fan as most writers in the league are more than happy to talk puck with anyone and everyone who will listen.

If you don't have an account yet, I strongly encourage you to sign up for one (free) as it's such an outstanding resource to follow Wisconsin athletics. Don't forget to follow me (@UWChuckSchwartz), and the rest of the Bucky's 5th Quarter crew (@B5Q: Adam Hoge), (@hoopsmarinara: Phil Mitten), (@AdamTheVictor: Adam Tupitza) and (@JohnVeldhuis: John Veldhuis).

Current Badger Men's hockey players on twitter

Former Badger Men's hockey players on twitter

Future Badger Men's hockey players on twitter

Current Badger Women's hockey players on twitter

Former Badger Women's hockey players on twitter

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