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Zach Brown Trade Completed As DeCicco Heads To Wisconsin

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OK, I have to give credit to John Veldhuis for that headline as he wrote something similar on Twitter Thursday

Just a few months after running back Zach Brown transferred to Pitt, Panthers tight end Brock DeCicco is transferring to Wisconsin. This move has been widely assumed for a few days now and while it still has not been officially announced, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported Friday that DeCicco has enrolled in classes at UW-Madison. He will have to sit out the 2011 season per NCAA transfer rules and will have two years of eligibility remaining starting in 2012.

It's obviously not really a trade, but if you want to view it that way, it's a win-win for both teams with maybe a slight edge going to the Badgers just because DeCicco has two years of eligibility as opposed to Brown's one year.

DeCicco is the brother of Dom DeCicco who is a rookie linebacker currently trying to make the Chicago Bears. Dom also went to Pittsburgh and signed with Chicago as an undrafted free agent. One could probably assume Dom's absence at Pittsburgh played at least a small role in Brock's decision to transfer, but we'll have to ask him about that.

A much larger factor in the decision, however, was undoubtedly the offense new Panthers head coach Todd Graham has installed at Pitt. It doesn't have much use for a big, pro-style tight end like DeCicco and he should fit in nicely at Wisconsin and blossom under Paul Chryst and Joe Rudolph who have developed plenty of tight ends in Madison. 

DeCicco was recruited by the Badgers out of high school (as well as Iowa and Tennessee) and started three games for Pitt as a redshirt freshman last season. He caught two passes on the season and they were both touchdowns. 

At 6-5, 240 pounds, DeCicco will be a nice addition for the Badgers and will undoubtedly compete for a starting job next season with senior Jake Byrne departing. 

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