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Badger Bits: Wisconsin all-in behind Wilson

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Is being named a team captain too much, too soon for the newest member of the Badgers?
Is being named a team captain too much, too soon for the newest member of the Badgers?

The Badgers kick off the 2011 season a week from tomorrow. That one sentence has me so excited I don't care it means school starts soon too. Anyway, on to the links!

Russell Wilson hasn't been a Badger for very long, but his teammates are putting a lot of trust in the former North Carolina State quarterback, according to Tom Mulhern of Wilson was voted one of four team captains this weekend by his teammates, again demonstrating how quickly he has assimilated into the Badgers' locker room. 

Adam asked an interesting question over Twitter the other day: does anyone have a major problem with Wilson taking on such a public role with the team? In my opinion, the Badgers themselves have a good idea of which players deserve to be a team captain, but I'm curious as to if the move didn't sit well with anyone. 

The Badgers are getting healthier, for the most part: Kevin Zeitler is back with the No. 1 offense, but fellow lineman Casey Dehn is out indefinitely with a foot/ankle injury. 

Defensive line coach Charlie Partridge thinks defensive end Louis Nzegwu can be more successful if he learns to take calculated risks on the field, according to Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

It looks like four true freshmen will get to play in next Thursday's season opener against UNLV. 

The Badgers will get an update on Jon Budmayr's 2011 status this Thursday, and the coaching staff is definitely hoping he'll be able to play this year behind Wilson. What is it with the Badgers and little depth at quarterback?

The recently-freed Bruce Feldman of says the Badgers have legitimate BCS aspirations (Insider required.)

In yesterday's Curious Index, Spencer Hall suggests that Russell Wilson is handsome in a Sanjay Gupta-kind of way. Agree or disagree? (Fair warning: EDSBS threads can me mildy NSFW.)

Finally, the third episode of "The Camp" is out- check it out!


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