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Badger Bits: Can the Wisconsin offense improve on 2010?

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With the addition of Russell Wilson, Montee Ball and the Badgers have a chance to set offensive records again.
With the addition of Russell Wilson, Montee Ball and the Badgers have a chance to set offensive records again.

I'm guessing you still remember, but just in case you'd forgotten: The Badgers' offense in 2010 was good. Historically good. As in 41.5 points per game good. Unfortunately for the Badgers, 2010 is over and 2011 is about to begin. After losing their quarterback, top tight end, experienced receivers, stars at left tackle and guard, and the 2009 Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, can the Badgers keep up the pace in 2011?

According to Tom Oates of, the Badgers seem to think so. Despite the personnel changes, Oates has two reasons why the Badgers will keep the pressure on opposing defenses: Paul Chryst and skill position talent (read: Russell Wilson). Obviously keeping Chryst in Madison (even after his maddening play calling in the Rose Bowl) was a top priority for Bret Bielema, and it isn't hard to see why. Under the former Badgers quarterback, the Badgers average 32.3 points per game, which was only reached twice before in school history. 

Throw in a mobile, accurate quarterback and a plethora of talent at running back, and it isn't a stretch to say the Badgers could hang a few more lopsided numbers on their opponents in 2011 too.

Just in case you missed it: over the weekend the AP released its preseason poll, and the Badgers came in at No. 11, just behind Big Ten newcomer Nebraska at No. 10.

Hey, you know what would be fun? Let's predict bowl games before any team has taken a snap in 2011! As ridiculous as that sounds, ESPN continues the annual tradition in the previous link, and the Big Ten blog takes a stab of their own (One that Badger fans might enjoy more.)

Michael Hunt writes in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that all roads lead to Madison in the Big Ten, now that Ohio State looks like they have been/will be knocked off their perch.

This went out over B5Q's twitter feed, but it bears repeating: Russell Wilson, Bradie Ewing, Patrick Butrym, and Aaron Henry were voted team captains for 2011. It really says a lot about how well Wilson has blended into the Badgers' locker room.

It's starting to look like true freshman Melvin Gordon has jumped redshirt freshman Jeff Lewis on the depth chart to be the Badgers' third running back- seriously, where do they find these guys? But anyway, we're supposed to get an updated depth chart today, so stay tuned for updates.

The Badgers got another big verbal commitment yesterday- Jersey City, N.J., defensive back D.J. Singleton is a three or four star safety prospect, depending on which recruiting site you believe in.

Speaking of recruiting stars, Bret Bielema doesn't like them. At all. Bielema thinks its perfectly fine recruiting sites don't think well of his classes, and prefers to let actual games do the talking. Hey, I don't think you can argue with the results- nobody wants to be like Clemson

Athletic Director Barry Alvarez explains why he voted for a nine-game Big Ten schedule

Finally, Bama Hawkeye looks at another excellent year in B1G history: 1999. Need I say more?


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