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Badger Bits: Wisconsin's next step?

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It's a common discussion among Badger fans: what more do the Wisconsin Badgers have to do to become a national powerhouse? But while Badger fans discuss it a lot, it appears as though the Badgers themselves take the question seriously.

Tom Oates of writes that Bret Bielema is always thinking of ways to get better after reading a book during the offseason. Bielema said he read "Good to Great," which is originally intended to help companies take the next big step. However, if you think about it, a football program isn't so different from a major corporation. With the proper leadership, both strive to be the best at what they do.

Bielema already has a goal in mind to help his team take the next step: consistency. Basically, he said the Badgers need to contend for a conference championship every year, and not just occasionally. So I'm asking you, dear readers, what do the Badgers have to do to go from "good to great?" Or are they already there? Vote in the poll!

The Badgers had their first scrimmage of fall camp on Friday, and the offense outclassed the defense, according to Tom Mulhern. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- if Wilson acclimates to the Wisconsin playbook, I don't think they'll miss a beat offensively.

There's still a position battle at strong safety between Shelton Johnson and Dezmond Southward. If you recall, they're the two players who saved not only the game against Arizona State last year, but also probably the Badgers' whole season.

I'm not sure if the B5Q injury report has been updated to reflect this, but tight end Jake Byrne left Saturday's morning practice with a shoulder injury. Also, Chris Borland was in full pads on Saturday, and Potrykus said he looked fine.

Yeah, about that kicking job: Kyle French wants it, and he's not sorry about it. Senior kicker Philip Welch is out with a quad injury, and Jeff Potrykus says French has been on fire.

You should really check out this moving article on Wilson's bond with his late father, who passed away last year. It's apparent the Badgers have a special guy in Wilson.

Bret Bielema isn't surprised some of his coaches left for new jobs after last season. After all, if you're getting a lot of job offers you must be doing something right!

Bama Hawkeye recaps the Badgers' 1993 season, which ended rather well with a win in the '94 Rose Bowl.

There's a new rule this year about low blocks, so the Badgers are taking notice, according to Mike Lucas of


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