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Badger Bits: Russell Wilson's seamless transition

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I can't describe how happy I am right now. Football is only a month away, and there are actual Wisconsin stories to link to. No more scraping the bottom of the barrel for me! (Until next offseason, I suppose. Ah well- c'est la vie.) On to the links!

Remember when some people were concerned that Russell Wilson's transfer could mess up team chemistry? (Myself included, unfortunately.) Well, it doesn't look like that will be a problem, according to Jeff Potrykus. Potrykus writes that Wilson has meshed with his new teammates almost seamlessly, taking care of a major hurdle for the new Badger quarterback. Defensive tackle Patrick Butrym told Potrykus that sophomore quarterback Jon Budmayr has taken Wilson's transfer really well, and that his acceptance to the team "was never an issue."

That Wilson's transfer is going so well is a great sign for the Badgers. Wilson needed to gain the respect of his new teammates before they could even think about repeating as Big Ten champions in 2011. We are also seeing now how important it was for Wilson to join the Badgers during the summer, as opposed to staying with the Asheville Tourists until the fall.


Ben Worgull of FOX Sports Wisconsin writes that Wisconsin wide receiver Nick Toon won't let a potential NFL future distract him in 2011.

Tom Mulhern is previewing every position group at check out why he thinks Toon could hold the key to Wisconsin's offense in 2011. You can also check out Mulhern's offensive line preview.

Mike Lucas of interviewed several players from rival Big Ten teams and asked them a few questions about the Badgers. Just a thought- who do you think is Wisconsin's biggest football rival? I think you can make a good case for three teams right now.

Check out Adam Rittenberg's interview with Bret Bielema from the Big Ten media days.

Badgers in the NFL

Worgull also writes that recently, Wisconsin has become an NFL factory. Overall, the Badgers have had 46 players drafted since 2000. Of the 33 former Badgers currently on an NFL roster, nine are offensive linemen.

So this NFL thing is working out pretty well for John Moffitt. He's moved up the depth chart and is now the favorite to start for the Seattle Seahawks at right guard, according to a tweet from Dave Heller.

J.J. Watt is officially a member of the Houston Texans. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Watt's deal is for just over 11 million dollars (including a signing bonus) over four years.

Have a great day!