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Badger Bits: Time to Temper your Russell Wilson Enthusiasm?

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Has the enthusiasm for Russell Wilson gone too far?
Has the enthusiasm for Russell Wilson gone too far?

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Badger Bits are a little light again today, but in the meantime you can still pre-order your copy of Badger Kickoff 2011! I got my copy last Thursday, and it's already been worth the money. So what are you waiting for?

Andy Baggot of writes that the Badgers adding quarterback Russell Wilson doesn't guarantee anything. Definitely agree with Baggot's premise here: expect the best, prepare for the worst. Wilson's transfer could be either a phenomenal success or a flop- only time will tell.

Graham Filler of Off Tackle Empire writes about why Big Ten head honcho Jim Delany is bolder than his Pac-12 counterpart, Larry Scott. Also, Delany has some cajones: take a look at how he dealt with former ESPN exec Mark Shapiro.  All hail our beloved commissioner for life

Brian Bennett of the Big Ten blog answered a lot of questions about Russell Wilson during his most recent mailblog. head on over to see his answers!

Tom Mulhern of writes that Wilson has no problems making plays

Mike Lucas of writes that the battle for "Big Red" will begin in earnest on October 1st. 

Finally, Dave Heller of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a few new tidbits posted on his MJS blog.

Have a great day!